Not all old buildings are historic


From: Jon Grossardt

Let me start by stating that although I am not a Bay State employee, I have been a Winona resident for 40 years. I am a bit confused with the Historic Preservation Commission’s attitude with regards to Bay State’s desire to demolish this building to allow the construction of an efficient warehouse space. I am confused because prior to the last couple months I have never even heard of the Park Brewery or its “historic” role in Winona. If this brewery and consequently the building was so important to Winona’s history why has little to nothing been praised or documented until the current legal owner of the property wants to actually do something with the deteriorated building? I understand the role of the commission is to preserve historic buildings but not all old buildings are truly historic. It kind of seems like the commission is trying to justify its own existence as opposed to acknowledging that some old buildings are better suited to removal to allow companies to expand and create the next basis for history while allowing Winona to grow and enhance its viability.


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