Matter of Faith: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell


From: Mary Zimmerman

I debated whether to write this article but decided I must. If only I can save one soul — even if I had 99 criticisms and only one out of 100 readers repented and gained access to Heaven after seeing my column — it would be so worth it.

I think I will just begin, and perhaps end, by writing about attending church. It seems like so many people in today’s world don’t make room for Mass in their schedules. I don’t mean to be a know-it-all, but I need to say you just cannot take the chance of losing your soul. For every one of us death, judgment, Heaven or Hell will be reality.

As a Catholic, what I have learned in my 86 years is God instituted the Mass at the Last Supper, where Jesus said, “This is my body, which is given for you,” followed by his offering of wine, “This is my blood … shed for you and for all.”

If we can’t believe God, in whom can we believe? The catechism teaches us that to miss Mass is a serious sin, unless you have a valid reason (“sleeping in” isn’t one of them).

Parents, you praise and honor your children for good grades in school in order to help them with their life’s vocation; yet, too many fail to make death, judgment, and the option they have as to where they spend eternity know to them. My friends, please think much about having your children baptized and fulfilling the promise you make in doing so to bring them up to love God. Choose their sponsors wisely, that they will help their godchildren get to Heaven.

I know it can be discouraging that so many priests have fallen into the ways of the world. If they do not repent they will pay a huge price. Do not follow them along the wrong path, and do not allow anger and hate into your heart for that is Satan’s plan. There are still many holy priests to lead us into the joys of Heaven, so do not allow yourself to makes excuses to wander into the realm of sin. When someone else has taken a wrong turn, do what you can to help them and show a good example.

I’ve said this before and I say it again: when you meet God in judgment, He will ask who you brought with you. I will be so excited if I am able to tell God I’ve brought all my children, grandchildren and readers.

Now, as I end this “conversation,” I say to you, I beg of you: come back to church! We all need that extra spiritual boost!

Praying the Rosary and Chaplet are also very important; Jim and I pray those prayers every night. Concerning the Chaplet Jesus said, “You will obtain everything you ask for if what you ask for will be compatible with my will.”

I hope all who read this take it seriously; then, someday, we will hear God say, “This is Heaven! Come right in.”


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