Matter of Faith: Concerning free will


From: Jamie Smith

Who among us has chosen to be born? Can we choose where, when and how that takes place? Can we choose our parents? Can we choose our environment or what our family believes? Can we choose our genetic makeup, our base intelligence? I have three kids with red hair. Did they choose that? Did we choose what language in which we learned to speak? Did we choose to be biologically male, female or hermaphrodite?

Combinations and permutations of all and more of the above run into the trillions. Degrees of combinations and permutations take it to googolplexes of inputs. Yet for trillions and trillions of inputs, Christianity demands one self-determined output for salvation.

If we have no choice in these important inputs and are unable to overcome them, and they yield an output where we would be bound for endless torment, would we have chosen to be born? If God knew our end, why did He do what He did concerning us? Didn’t He care? Every person sitting in church on Sunday has had these basic, yet profound questions. They are never answered.

Turns out, we are not showing God what we can do, but rather God will show us what He can do. God is the only input. Reconciliation of all things is the only output.


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