Matter of Faith: This is most certainly true


From: Jamie Smith

Grace is unmerited, undeserved, unelicited, unsolicited, uncalled-for, unsought, unforced, unaided, unassisted, unearned, undiluted, undeserved and unadulterated. It is sovereign and despotic.

You do not do anything to get it. You cannot lose it or refuse it. You cannot go and get it. You cannot sin your way out of it. It is not reciprocal, interdependent or cooperative. There is no give-and-take.

Grace is entirely debt free. Any thought of repayment or performance causes “heartache” to the giver. You would then “fall out” of grace from your perspective and into works (Ga 5:4). Yet He is faithful.

Grace is the unrecompensed, uncompensated, gratuitous favor of God. It is a causeless, unprovoked, and unmerited impartment of the gift. You do not do something so that God “returns the favor.” You do not actively receive it. You passively obtain it. You do nothing.

When bestowed, grace will, without exception, draw out the desired loving response. It will never fail to accomplish its intention. In every single instance for every single person at the proper time, it will win. A loving voluntary response will be generated in all.

Isa 45:23: “By Myself have I sworn; From My mouth has gone forth righteousness, A word, and it shall not turn back; For to Me shall bow every knee, And every tongue shall swear fealty.”

Php 2:10: “that in the name of Jesus every knee should be bowing, celestial and terrestrial and subterranean.”


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