Mingling with the flags between Cochrane, Buffalo City


From: Orlin Brommer

Friends have asked if we need help putting out and retrieving the flags at the flag memorial. This is an offer for anybody who would like to help.

Late last summer plans to move the flag memorial from Cochrane to C-FC School began. The tribute to our fallen heroes is getting ever more popular, and it is time for them to be displayed on the busier Highway 35, the Great River Road.

Planning the move will continue soon, so there are only a few remaining opportunities for you to experience placing or retrieving the flags on Fred and Brenda Neitzel’s elk fence.

None of us working on the flag memorial are willing to admit it, but our legs soon will not be able do it anymore. The flag memorial needs a new home in 2020.

If you think you might want to mingle with the flags while they are being placed or retrieved, please come to the flag memorial promptly at noon on Thursday, July 4. Mingling is fine; you need not climb the embankment.

Park your vehicle on Main Street in Cochrane and walk the few hundred yards to the flags a few minutes before 12 p.m. It takes about 15 minutes to get all the flags onto the float. Please be prompt, because it is organized chaos getting the flags onto the float. In past years, drivers trying to get past us have been most understanding.

The sheriff, or his deputy, and volunteers will be patrolling and will be keeping County Road O open to traffic as best they can. Remember, no parking will be allowed while we are moving flags from the fence to the parade float. There should be plenty of laughing and stumbling as we quickly move the flags through the ditch and up the embankment between 12 and 12:15.

Later, as soon as the flag memorial float exits the parade, the flags will go directly back to the memorial about 1:30. You are invited to help return the flags to the fence. It is less hectic, and a lot more relaxed when helping return the flags to their holders. It takes about 15 minutes.

Come and share the experience. All are welcome.


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