Good, 10-fold praise


From: David Foss

No one can truthfully say there is not a rat-a-tat-tatting (as of a Gatling gun) of unending rounds of smoldering criticism fired at Donald J. Trump. These endless volleys of outrageous criticism aimed at him have been incessant, shameful, defamatory, disrespectful, untruthful and damaging to our nation.

The media’s landfill of putrid criticism has been unrelenting. These nauseous outburst of hatred are uttered throughout every day by the angry media.

There has not been one day since Donald Trump has been in office in which there has not been round after round of criticism fired at the president of the United States. He was hounded by the media long before his inauguration, and it has continued its daily bombardment of criticism since day one of his presidency.

Several landfills could be filled with the volleys of derogatory remarks that have been, and are being, assailed at Trump. Those who fire these “missiles” seem to be possessed with demonic hatred, attacking our President with vile libel utterances. What has caused the media to lash out with such nonstop criticism for well over two years? The obvious reason is hatred.

Is the media’s goal to destroy Trump’s presidency? Is our president purposely being maliciously slandered? Has the media ever shown any respect to the president of the United States? Has there not been a massive overdose of daily slander in an attempt to destroy the presidency?

Donald J. Trump should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for the stoic example he has sown in enduring the media’s incessant volleys of falsehood directed at his character.

Is our president guilty of any of the following: hating America and the Constitution, belittling and demonizing those on the right, belittling Biblical Christians and members of the organizations that love America, disrespecting those in the military, choosing men and women for his administration who hate America, doing the opposite of what the majority of Americans want, doing the opposite of what would be good for America, making untruthful statements to demonize America, making an all-out effort to change America into a socialistic nation, doing that which is unconstitutional, consistently lying to the American people, trying to dismantle and destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation on which the United States was constructed, having no passion for the elderly, giving homage to countries that are enemies of America, hiring only those who approve of all the above?

If Trump was guilty of any of the above heinousness then we could understand why such horrid criticism would relentlessly come out of the mouths of media spokespeople — but since the president is not guilty of such evil, why is there such a massive pelting of criticism?

America had a president who was guilty of the 15 aforementioned acts; yet, not a word of criticism by the media or anyone else was given him. Now, we have a president who loves this country, while the media, government officials and others are accusing him of numerous devious actions and falsehoods.

America MUST set an example for the rest of the world; therefore, it is an utmost necessity that slanderous 10-fold criticism is replaced by good, truthful praise, 10-fold.


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