To the givers and the takers


From: Gayle B. Goetzman-Stolpa

As an American, I, too, believe if a person does not want to follow our American laws, rules, and legal guidelines they should please stay in their own country or leave ours! Do not come to America to change it to your ways unless those changes are of public benefit to our citizens.

I remember well, as a child with five siblings, our parents speaking German and Polish to relatives — words we didn’t know or understand. We’d beg them to teach us the words, but their reply remains vivid in my memory still: “You are American now; speak the American language. We are so happy to be here!”

If a person doesn’t appreciate America’s hard-working ways, our many social services, our hard-fought for and cherished freedom, and the ambitious American taxpayers who provide these perks, then yes. Please go back to the country of your ancestors. Is it possible that we compassionate American givers are enabling the selfish takers to become entitled citizens? Our prisons are full of them.


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