These two guys


From: Dave Fratzke

The names and places within are not relevant.

These two guys were sitting next to me: one, a very old friend of mine; the other, a Trump supporter with the mentality of a twig and the personality of a large pile of horse dung. This person doesn’t realize that 95 percent of the population of Winona thinks that he is a total jerk, nor does he care, which should tell you what kind of person he is.


I asked them point blank, “What do you think of what draft-dodging Donald Trump said about Senator John McCain?”

These two guys blew up at me and said McCain is totally wrong and they had no respect for him!

John McCain, who came from a military family, attended the Naval Academy, became a Naval pilot, and was shot down in Vietnam. He ejected from his plane, broke both arms and both legs, was captured and became a prisoner of war. After the war, he became a Senator and devoted his entire life to the United States of America. Sad to say, he died of cancer, still serving his country. God bless him!

So, these two guys said they did not support McCain and did not respect him. They support Trump! Sad to say, these two guys are members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars – Winona. This truly makes my heart hurt. Donald Trump has TRULY divided this country!


De-Trump America!

Vote in 2020!


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