Matter of Faith: Remember Lord, those hands worked for you


A tribute to Duane Zimmerman

From: Mary Zimmerman


Lord, we know Your hands are mighty, we know Your hands are kind. So I ask You Lord, before you pass judgment on my son’s hands, let me explain them to You.

It was his hands that put the hands on the banner in church that extends peace to all people. It was his hands that put together and carried the crosses on a near hill to remind the world that You gave Your life, that we may all enjoy life eternal. It was his hands that so often made jewelry that included the beauty of the cross.

He smiled joyfully as his hands many times extended a helping hand to a friend in need. Remember, too, it was his hands that folded together in prayer.

Lord, I know those hands weren’t perfect, but they were full of love. Now I fold my hands in prayer and ask You Lord, judge those hands with kindness. Use Your mighty hands to open Heaven’s gates to place Duane’s hands close to Yours, where they may help You carry on Your work for all eternity.

“We have loved him during life; let us not forget him in death.”


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