E-verify solution


From: Paul B. Double

A few years back, after 9/11, I needed a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card to work on the Great Lakes docks. Two trips to the Twin Cities for screening later, I received my card. The silly part of the requirement was even with that higher level of government screening, I still didn’t get to use my TWIC card to go to the “express line” when I flew on a commercial airplane.

Following the example of the process to acquire a TWIC, why use a similar solution for employers to hire, airport express walk-on access, firearms purchases, and any other reason a fair and controlled screening may be needed. If any employer hires without verification of the new employee, or a retailer sells a firearm without verification, they receive a $25,000 fine. This way, the rule of law and enforcement is a better-controlled system, and more fair to all. Approve it through Congress with a standard of protection and non-discrimination we should all welcome.


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