Say ‘no’ to animal exploitation


From: Ty Wert

It’s unfortunate to observe the city of Goodview supporting animal exploitation for the benefit of increased ticket profits.

Animals used in traveling exhibitions, exactly like the white tigers supplied by All Things Wild in this year’s Goodview Days, are more or less regularly confined to small-sized transport cages or trailers. Life on the road can be extremely traumatic for these animals. Studies found that after tigers were transported even briefly, their cortisol levels, which indicate stress, increased as much as 482 percent and remained elevated for nearly two weeks. They suffer in extreme temperatures and are denied food and water. Transporters don’t want to be inconvenienced with frequent stops to feed and water the creatures, let alone clean their cramped cages.

The USDA has cited many traveling zoos for violations, under the Animal Welfare Act. For example, Texas-based ZooCats, Inc., has been cited repeatedly for failure to provide adequate veterinary care to tigers and failure to provide tigers with food that is sufficient to maintain the animals in good health. In 2010, the USDA issued a citation for ZooCats’ repeat failure to provide adequate veterinary care.

“ZooCats, Inc.,” is the former name of “All Things Wild” — they are the same animal exhibition operating under a new name.

As reported by the Star Tribune on July 1, Dakota County Fair organizers voted unanimously to terminate a contract with All Things Wild that would have brought a controversial white tiger exhibit to the fair in August. The United States Humane Society alleged that making wild animals travel in small cages to a series of fairs is inhumane and that the exhibit’s owner has a history of citations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for improper animal care.

To the city of Goodview and future Goodview Days organizers: Please don’t allow animal act promoters to pass off their exploitation of animals as entertainment or conservation. By educating others and showing that cruelty to animals is neither fun nor ethical, you can help stop animal exploitation.


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