2019 Winona County Fair Open Class results


Farm crops

Kristi Reps: best of show, champion, three corn stalks; three blue


Jie Schloegel: best of show, champion, fresh herbs; three blue

Shirley Bartsh: reserve best of show, champion, green beans; champion, Norland potatoes; champion, broccoli; champion beets; nine blue

Joan Hagar: reserve champion, cabbage; champion, yellow Spanish onions; three blue

Clara Newcomb: reserve champion, edible peas; two blue

Matt VanEtten: two blue

Kristi Reps: two blue

LeAnn Salwey: one blue


Shirley Bartsh: best of show, champion, raspberries; champion, honey crisp apples; champion, Mt. Royal apples; reserve champion, McIntosh; reserve champion, yellow raspberries; nine blue

Derek Duncanson: reserve best of show, champion, five varieties of apples; champion, raspberries; champion, pears; three blue

Peggy Pasche: one blue

Plants, flowers

Betty Schneider: best of show, champion, annual pot; one blue

Leland Ferden: Reserve best of show, champion, geranium; reserve champion, petunia; three blue

Samantha Mollner: champion, cut hydrangea; one blue

Grayson Omdahl: champion, rudbeckia; reserve champion, dianthus; two blue

Peggy Pasche: champion, perennial; seven blue

Tray Coulter: champion, foliage; reserve champion, potted plant; two blue

Sarah Mollert: champion, petunia; champion, succulent; three blue

Betty Fahrenz: champion, perennial; reserve champion, hydrangea; two blue

Julie Denzer: champion, veggie platter; champion, dish garden; reserve champion, fairy gnome; six blue

Clara Newcomb: champion, hanging planter; two blue

Shirley Bartsh: reserve champion, succulent; reserve champion, first frost; onethree blue

Madison Lorch: reserve champion, petunia; two blue

Patricia Albrecht: reserve champion, fairy/gnome garden; reserve champion, air plant; four blue

Melissa Wegman: reserve champion, pink baby breath; one blue

Marilyn Getz: reserve champion, begonia; one blue

Cornelia Kryzer: three blue

Audrey Lorch: two blue

Carter Lorch: one blue

Pamela Peterson: two blue

LeAnn Salwey: four blue

Joan Hager: two blue

Julie Denzer: Helen Hollister Memorial Award, best arrangement

Baked goods

Judy Young: best of show, champion, lemon poppyseed bread; champion, banana bread; two blue

Denise VanEtten: reserve best of show, champion, wedding cake; reserve champion, zucchini bread; four blue

Debra Rowekamp: champion, fruit bread; champion, krumkake; six blue

Vickie Smith: champion, corn bread; two blue

Jay Speltz: champion, sugar cookie; one blue

Marie Spitzer: champion, chiffon cake; champion, pie crust; five blue

Nancy Diedrich: champion, blueberry pie; one blue

Helen Pierce: champion, apple pie; reserve champion, chocolate cake; reserve champion, pecan pie; reserve champion, chocolate chip cookies; six blue

Lila Brogan: champion, lemon bar; champion, nut goodies; reserve champion, monster bar; reserve champion, gluten free cookies; nine blue

Clara Newcomb: champion, cookie; one blue

Joan Hager: reserve champion, peanut butter cookies; two blue

Caryl Riska: reserve champion, raisin bran bread; three blue

Marge Kingsley: reserve champion, fudge; one blue

Rita Baer: four blue

Jie Schloegel: one blue

Ursula McGuire: two blue

Karen Lorch: one blue

Youth baked goods

Katelyn Lindsey: best of show, champion, seven layer bars; one blue

Emma Lindsey: reserve best of show, champion, choc. chip cookies; one blue

Audrey Lorch: champion, blonde brownie; one blue

Alicia VanEtten: champion, muffins; one blue

Madison Lorech: champion, choc. chip cookies; one blue

Derek Duncanson: champion, sconces; reserve champion, angel food cake; three blue

Carter Lorch: reserve champion, layered bar; one blue

Jessica VanEtten: reserve champion, birthday cake; one blue

Kaylee VanEtten: one blue


1. Lila Brogan

2. Marie Spitzer

3. Carter Lorch

Farm Bureau

1. Ursula McGuire

2. Rita Baer

3. Denise VanEtten

Food preservation

Rita Baer: best of show, champion, peas; one blue

Richard Roth: reserve champion, honey; one blue

Dale Pierce: three blue

Marie Spitzer: three blue

Lila Brogan: one blue

Patrick Albrecht: one blue

Ray Stock: one blue

Carter Lorch: one blue

Melissa Wegman: two blue

Peggy Pasche: one blue

LeAnn Salwey: one blue

Chuck Kernler: eight blue

Chuck Kernler: Lisa Martinson Memorial Award

Homemade wine, beer

Craig Moeching: best of show, champion, raspberry mead; reserve champion, strawberry rhubarb; three blue

Jeff Romine: two blue


Jennifer Datta: best of show, champion, sweater; three blue

Peggy Pasche: reserve best of show, champion, pillow; champion, wallet; nine blue

Grace Mueller: champion, crochet doily; reserve champion, crochet afghan; four blue

Trianna Douglas: champion, felted wall hanging; one blue

Mary Baker: champion crocheted doily; four blue

Barb Odegaard: reserve champion, quilted bag; two blue

Anna Baker: one blue

Sarah Baker: two blue

Faye Geib: three blue

Jo Thesing: one blue

Alice Topness: one blue

Gene Mickelson: one blue

Jo Hiltner: two blue

Quilts, coverlets, rugs

Theresa Mittres: best of show, lap quilt; one blue

Donna Luehmann: reserve best of show, champion, lap quilt; champion, bed quilt; two blue

Nola Salisury: champion, wall quilt; one blue

Barb Odegaard: champion, miniature quilt; champion, table runner; reserve champion, wall quilt; six blue

Grace Mueller: champion, afghan; one blue

Peggy Pasche: champion, table runner; reserve champion, table runner; reserve champion, lap quilt; four blue

Caryl Riska: reserve champion, afghan; one blue

Diane Shopteau: one blue

Cornelia Kryzer: one blue

Peggy Baker: one blue

Helen Pierce: one blue

Jo Thesing: one blue

Megan Baumgartner: one blue

Constructed clothing

Jennifer Dalton: best of show, champion, women’s blouse; reserve champion, jeans; two blue

Peggy Pasche: reserve best of show, champion, child garment; champion, bib; three blue

Kaylee VanEtten: champion, doll clothes; one blue

Diane Shopteau: reserve champion, child’s dress; three blue

Cornelia Kryzer: one blue

Crafts, hobbies

Twyla Peterson: best of show, champion, basket; three blue

Deb Nisbit: reserve best of show, beadwork picture; one blue

Joan Hager: champion, old valentines; one blue

Peggy Paasche: champion, Thanksgiving craft; three blue

Sara Mollert: reserve champion, horse weather vein; four blue

Rita Ward: champion, Valentine craft; two blue

Joy Gavin: one blue

Jie Schloegel: one blue

Diane Shopteau: two blue

Ashley Drackley: six blue

Cassondra Hulshizer: two blue

Sonja Romine: one blue

Leland Ferden: one blue

Delton Denzer: one blue

Julie Denzer: nine blue

Marie Spitzer: two blue

Helen Pierce: one blue

Alice Topness: three blue

Barb Odegaard: two blue

Jo Thesing: two blue

Cornelia Kryzer: one blue

Marcia J. Fisher: three blue

Judith Halbakken: two blue

Carlos Pierce: one blue

Youth crafts, hobbies

Ivan Daood: best of show, champion, legos; one blue

Anna Baker: reserve best of show, champion, felted rabbit; one blue

Matthew Baumgartner: champion, collection medals; champion, trash to treasure; two blue

Katelyn Lindsey: champion, antique curling irons; three blue

Teia Hulshizer: champion, step stool; champion, bracelet; five blue

Tanner Pulley: reserve champion, baseball card collection; one blue

Carter Lorch: reserve champion, legos; one blue

Sarah Baker: reserve champion, book; two blue

Mary Baker: two blue

Jobeth Geib: one blue

Emma Lindsey: one blue

Luke Rasmussen: one blue

Zach Hursh: one blue

Emma Aldinger: one blue

Samantha Moliner: one blue

Olivia Aldinger: three blue

Kaylee VanEtten: one blue

Madison Lorch: one blue

Thomas Peterson: one blue


Michael Hughes: best of show, champion, bench/picnic table; one blue

Jo Thesing: reserve best of show, champion, cross; one blue

Nola Salisbury: champion, refinished chair; one blue

Serena Geib: champion, shelf; reserve champion, box; two blue

Sara Mollert: reserve champion, hand carved; one blue

Gilman Halbakken: reserve champion, fishing pole; one blue

Kyle Mollert: one blue

Leland Ferden: two blue

Jessica VanEtten: one blue

Fine arts

Patricia Albrecht: best of show, champion, “A Gaze at Great Grandpa”; reserve champion, “Emu Egg”; four blue

Mary Mueller: reserve best of show, champion, “Succulents”; one blue

Matilda Oelfke: champion, “Under the Sea”; two blue

Rickie Tillotson: champion, “Time to Get Creative”; one blue

Bailey Geib: champion, “Couple Love”; one blue

Nora Bonow: reserve champion, “The Button Tree”; one blue

Alex Torres: reserve champion, “Red Hand”; one blue

Marcia Fisher: reserve champion, “Morning Mist”; one blue

Kaylee VanEtten: one blue

Ian Bonow: one blue

Beckett Oelfke: one blue

Ava Siok: one blue

Nicole Geib: one blue

Lily Jacques: one blue

Pat Shea: one blue

Cassondra Hulshizer: one blue

Isabelle Timm: one blue


Lisa Douglas: best of show, champion, “Mare & Foal”; one blue

Tasha Maki: reserve best of show, champion, “A Perfect Moment”; four blue

Cornelia Kryzer: champion, “Megan & Andrew”; one blue

Tierza Jacques: champion, “Happiness Blooms from Within”; one blue

Autumn Merchlewitz: champion, “Tulips”; two blue

Kristen Halvorson: reserve champion, “Garden Painting Mural”; one blue

Abigail Thiele: reserve champion, “Pathway to Heaven”; one blue

Mary Ferrell: reserve champion, “Nicole”; one blue

John Kenkel: reserve champion, “Pond at the Park”; two blue

Trianna Douglas: reserve champion, “Take Aim”; three blue

Tim Roddel: one blue

Rickie Tillotson: four blue

Emma Aldinger: one blue

Anna Bergen: nine blue

Emma Lindsey: one blue

Teia Hulshizer: two blue

Brooke Calteaux: one blue

Sara Hursh: one blue

Mariah Nelson: one blue

Craig Moechnig: four blue

LeAnn Salwey: one blue

Linda Sybrant: one blue

Vicki Smith: two blue

Karen Lorch: one blue

Sonja Romine: two blue

Pam Larson: one blue

Sweepstakes winners

Farm crops: Kristi Reps

Vegetables: Shirley Bartsh

Horticulture: Shirley Bartsh

Plants and flowers: Betty Fahrenz

Baked goods: Lila Brogan

Food preservation: Chuck Kernler

Wine and beer: Craig Moechnig

Needlecraft: Peggy Pasche

Quilts, coverlets, rugs: Barb Odegaard

Constructed clothing: Diane Shopteau

Crafts and hobbies: Laura Watson

Woodworking: Delton Denzer

Fine arts: Rickie Tillotson

Photography: Anna Bergen


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