Re: Problem solvers


From: Paul B. Double

I’m not worried about the creative minds of our young people solving the issues of the future as American ingenuity, creative minds and Midwest work ethic is put to the test to solve the many problems we are exposed to daily in the media. Just think back and wonder who after sending us to the moon calculated how many rolls of toilet paper and bottles of water would our astronaut’s would need to make the trip to the moon and back.

The challenge of spending a year in space without a shower, brushing one’s teeth or a phones make the issues and challenges of the homeless, affordable housing, healthcare and the environment real but hold a bright future and lots of opportunities for the ingenuity of our children and grandchildren to embrace and to be excited about in finding the solutions just as the past generations have done over and over again.

Contrary to words of a past president government didn’t do, Santa didn’t do it, the aliens from outer space didn’t do it — we the people did!


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