The Winona Farm looks forward to improving the city, climate


From: Dick Gallien

Our climate is changing —fact. Our trees are a natural resource, dead or alive —fact.

All living creatures, including the young climate marchers around the world, could list positive reasons for living trees, but how about dead trees?

If a walnut tree falls in the forest, even if no one hears it and a logger takes the log, its branches will enrich the soil that it lived in. The squirrels, and other life, that lived in and on it, will move to walnut trees that generations before them instinctively planted, if the surrounding woods still exist. If not, then we, along with all the squirrels, bird, bees and butterflies, can’t just move to another planet.

When a city tree comes down, this natural resource is an expense to either the city or landowner, which the state has “helped” a bit, by charging only $5 for a yearly burn permit, so over 95 percent of this natural resource is wasted. Too many urban areas operate much as a former neighbor, when he was a kid in Pickwick. His little dairy barn was conveniently built on the edge of the creek, so he just wheelbarrowed his manure out the back door onto the pile, knowing the spring flood would solve his problem.

However, The Winona Farm, Inc., is encouraged, because dead trees can be turned into firewood, lumber and especially biochar, as it sequesters carbon and is the most sustainable, environmentally beneficial, natural resource known, supporting soil life for hundreds to thousands of years. We are looking forward to working with your city, to improve our climate.


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