Fantasy-based hate or Jesus’ reality-based love?


From: John Rupkey

Many traditional religious leaders have never had a problem rejecting reality in favor of what they choose to believe. There is now overwhelming evidence that God creates, not by saying a few creative words, but through an ongoing process called evolution in which we are all participants. The creation story in Genesis is a divinely inspired myth that can now be seen as an allegory for evolution, yet many religious leaders still treat it like it is reality.

Traditional religious leaders usually teach that their religious understanding is directly connected to an unchanging God through a prophet, an infallible pope, or an inerrant understanding of the Bible, so it can’t change over time.

When religious understanding rejects new human understanding, it becomes disconnected from reality and entrenches its leaders and followers in a fantasy world. If this fantasy-based religious thinking makes people comfortable and it doesn’t harm anyone, it isn’t a problem. But if it harms people, like when Romanized Christians murdered heretics, civil authorities and reality-based religious people need to intervene and stop it.

Today there is overwhelming evidence that God lovingly creates gay people in such a way that they are able to fall in love only with members of the same sex. But that doesn’t fit into the thinking of some of Winona’s traditional religious leaders who refuse to update their religious understanding. As a result, when they indoctrinate Winona’s gay children to believe that the human love they experience is disordered, it is now obvious that this is extremely harmful hate speech, and “anyone who hates his [gay] brother is a murderer,” (1 John 3:15).

Winona’s reality-based religious people and civil authorities need to stop acting like Winona’s gay children aren’t very important, while Winona’s preachers of hate are blameless and beyond criticism because they are respectable. They need to become active now and start taking whatever steps are necessary to begin putting an end to traditional religion’s very damaging continuing emotional abuse of God’s gay children in our town.

All Winonans can freely choose what they will support: fantasy-based hate or Jesus’ reality-based love.


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