Matter of Faith: Declare your preference


From: Jamie Smith

This is how to determine if you have faith by the will of God. John 1:12,13: “Yet whoever obtained Him ... neither of the will of a man, but of God.”

The usage of “saved” in Scripture varies. A person can be saved from drowning. A believer is saved daily from hopelessness. Under review here, “salvation from sin and death and saved to God” is the only type of salvation in view.

“To choose” in Scripture simply means to declare a preference. It can never mean avoiding something when looking at several options. For instance in the case of the Christian, if they consider the following two questions, there will only be one preference. The other will be less preferred or denied but does not contain the concept of avoiding a “choice.” It is not complicated to declare your preference (to choose), but at the same time it can be difficult.

Two questions: Do you believe that Christ Jesus saved you from sin and death? Do you believe that your faith in Christ Jesus saved you from sin and death?

If you prefer the first question, you are a believer in Christ Jesus as Savior. If you prefer the second question, you are yet distant from believing in Christ as Savior, for in that case He doesn’t actually save. He only presents an opportunity. You then must personally take the ball over the goal line. You believe that Christ is an equal opportunity provider. You believe in yourself, then Christ rewards you.

This is what the Adversary does. He comes as an angel of light through people to insidiously remove our complete trust in Christ and makes it an incomplete, insufficient and inadequate trust. The Christian will then always have some doubt. The easiest route for the Adversary with us is through pride and self righteousness. Choosing God apart from God through a “free will” is his most powerful method of deception. It is rampant in Christianity.

Christianity teaches that the only being without “free will” is God, that He is a gentleman and cannot interfere with a person’s will. When one really thinks about it, that is a loveless and terrible plan. It is as if He would send his Son to die and then set things up so that each weak link decides for themselves. That puts everything at risk doesn’t it? In reality, nothing is at risk. Everything is certain.

He died for all. If One dies for all, consequently all died. If one dies, they are free from the law and its curse. For freedom Christ frees us. So Christ really is our Savior Who died for us. God really is the Savior of all humanity. Don’t trust in your faith. Trust in Christ.

Next time: But what if I trust in my faith? What happens to me?


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