Matter of Faith: Give thanks


From: Phillip Sorensen

In Psalms 34:1 David wrote, “I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise will continually be on my lips.” After suffering through a harsh winter and being able to enjoy a good harvest the pilgrim fathers chose to celebrate a day of thanksgiving in which to give praise to God for providing for their needs. We continue that tradition of setting aside a day of Thanksgiving each year and recognize God’s wonderful blessings. Thanksgiving day should be more than enjoying a turkey dinner with family and friends. It should be a day to express genuine gratitude to God for all of his blessings.

The people of Israel after being delivered from their slavery in Egypt in their journey to the promised land were often guilty of complaining and grumbling when they felt that Moses wasn’t providing for their needs. Their complaining aroused God’s anger, which often resulted in God’s judgments. The generation that came out of Egypt, because of their unbelief and disobedience, was not allowed to enter the promised land. The apostle Paul in writing to the Romans said that God’s wrath was revealed against those who refused to acknowledge Him and were unthankful. A spirit of ingratitude is a sin that provokes God’s anger.

As we approach Christmas and a time of giving with all its tinsel and toys, let’s not forget the greatest gift ever given. For God so loved us that He gave His one and only son to save us from our sins and give us eternal life. With heartfelt gratitude lets welcome the Lord Jesus into our hearts and lives thanking God for His unfailing love and marvelous grace. “Thank you, God, for sending Jesus and thank you Jesus that you came ... Amen !”


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