The perplexing relationship between the U.S. and Russia


From: Fred Orlowske

The relationship between Russia and the United States is confusing and truly difficult to understand. Russia’s antagonistic behavior is maddening and continues to make headlines in the news media. The latest event describes how Russia was/is making attempts to hack into a Ukraine gas company with the goal of interfering in our 2020 elections. Also, Russia’s navy has emboldened itself by dangerously trailing a U.S. warship in the North Arabian Sea. Other provocative occurrences have occurred, such as a Russian spy ship lurking off our Eastern Seaboard and numerous dangerous fly-bys over U.S. Navy ships. All of these belligerent activities should concern us. I am confident Russia is engaged in many more sinister activities such as cyber warfare, satellite and submarine activity, etc.

I view Russia as a threat and should be kept at an arm’s length. They are rebuilding their military, i.e. new ships, missiles, submarines, and aircraft. I truly believe the Cold War has returned. Russia does not have America’s best interests in mind; regardless domestically or internationally. Russia’s meddling in Middle Eastern affairs and partnering with Syria and Turkey is counterproductive to U.S. interests. Ex-KGB agent — Putin (now Russia’s president), is probably, and justifiably, amused on the influence he can exert by creating hostilities with our allies and causes havoc in our form of democratic government.

Our diplomatic relationship with Russia is indeed baffling. President Trump advocates having good relations with Russia, which is a noble and just goal. However, he is either naive or does not totally comprehend how Russia’s deceptive actions adversely affect our national security. President Trump has openly discounted information provided by our intelligence agencies regarding the interference in our 2016 elections. He blatantly acknowledged this in front of President Putin!

To my knowledge, we do not have any significant economic ties or trade deals with Russia. The only items I have seen made in Russia are the Matryoshka dolls, which are usually sold in bazaar craft booths or at international shops.

Again, I remain bewildered on our current relationship with Russia. I fail to understand the end-game or the attraction. Russia is an international menace. Are they a friend or foe? Are they for us or against us? Who knows? When dealing with Russia, our elected officials need to observe caution and proceed with trepidation.


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