Matter of Faith: Christians and God


From: Jack Klingman

According to what I’ve heard on television and news bites on the internet, it appears many Christians feel God has provided them with a Savior. They seem to think that God has intervened in the politicos of the country by putting forth Donald Trump as a candidate, saying God made it possible for Trump to be elected president (maybe God is like an acronym for Russian influence).

I would like to address the Ken and Diane Poss letter to the editor on January 1, 2020, in the Winona Post. Ken stated that he had “a feeling that God will intervene and Trump will be the next president.” He also said that “God knew beforehand there was going to be a lot of hatred coming from the news media and politicians.” They mentioned Franklin Graham’s “Awake America” tour and felt “God used this to stir Christians to vote from a Biblical world view,” they said “the result was a stunning political upset with Trump elected.”

I have the impression that they are Christians of strong faith, but I’m not sure of what branch of Christianity. I only know my understanding of most Christians is the accepting of Jesus’ teachings and adherence to the Ten Commandments, and maybe something about the Seven Deadly Sins. So wouldn’t these be part of a Biblical world view?

I don’t believe that Donald Trump shows any signs of understanding the teachings of Jesus. He has covered most of the Deadly Sins, has broken a few of the commandments, and his number of lies seem endless, with too many to count. Maybe I don’t have to try and understand the faith so much but understanding the Bible to have a “Biblical world view.”

In this country, everyone has the freedom of their faith. I’m not saying their faith is wrong, or not the right faith. We are free to worship as we choose; the First Amendment allows for that. I’m trying to understand the nuances in the Christian faith and just what a “Biblical world view” represents.

The Constitution of the United States also gives us the right to vote and my legal right to vote will be a vote for the Constitution. I will vote to keep that right, and to keep the right for everyone to have equal rights, and an equal chance to achieve happiness and prosperity. I also vote for everyone in the world to have an equal chance.


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