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Matter of Faith: Creeds and intellectual paralysis


From: Jamie Smith



The Nicene Creed has been frequently modified by succeeding councils since it brought confusion to the very issues it was trying to clarify. It was created in part to put Arianism outside of Christianity.

Arianism is the idea that God and the Son of God are two separate beings. The early church fathers wanted to clarify, through a created document, the correct position that a Christian must assume on this point. Due to space allowed, I can’t include the creed here but hope the reader has an idea of its content.

We have hundreds of years of adjustments and discussions on this creed and to this day no one can clearly state what it means. What exactly is the “substance” of the Father? How can God be “of God”? What is Light “of Light”? What is “very” God “of very” God? What is “one substance” with the Father?

A congregation of 100 people would have 100 different ideas concerning this creed. That is the fault of the early church fathers and their written product. Yet we must admit to believing it in order to be an accepted Christian.

Requiring that Scripture be seen through the eyes the modern Nicene Creed has stultified Christians in their attempt to gain a realization of God. If there must be a creed, why not keep a pattern of sound words (2 Ti 1:13)? Why not use words that appear in Scripture?

Creeds do not assist us in our search for truth. They control our thoughts and direction of study and contemplation.

Here is how to tell if the creeds have a controlling effect: Would you be somehow marginalized in your church community if you declared your unbelief in the creeds. Would you be afraid of going to Hell if you confessed that to God? Upon discovering that you don’t really know what a creed actually means, do you go along with the crowd openly pledging allegiance to it? That is thought control.

There are Scriptural phrases that the creeds have made confusing. One such phrase is “form of God.” The Son was in the form of God. What was this “form”? What does “form” mean? When was He in that “form.” Was He in other “forms” at different times? It is crucial to know.

It can be clearly determined from Scripture exactly what that phrase means. No kidding. It’s not a mystery that we are unable to fully embrace in understanding. Next time I hope to show the perfect understanding of the phrase “form of God” as plainly detailed in Scripture. No creed needed.


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