An opportunity for change


From: Catherine Tuggle



Living on a farm was a lifelong dream of mine that came true in 1989. The ancient farmhouse was in such bad shape I knew anything I did to it would be an improvement. And so began my creative odyssey involving mind, body, and soul. The result was a masterpiece of delight: a greenhouse off the southern end of the living room; a creek-rock patio with flagstones patterned in waves; the fallen root cellar transformed into a gazebo; the dining-room mantel painted after one in the famous English manor house, Bloomsbury.

And then it became apparent my husband had dementia. Reality demanded we sell the farm and move closer to my children in Winona. And with that ensued my personal disaster. Heartbreaking. Everything I thought I knew collapsed.

Change forced me to reassess what was not working in my life, particularly the isolation of living so far removed from people. The dramatic loss of what I thought was my heart’s desire turned out to be an incubator of opportunity. The novelty of living so close to family and their care that I’d never experienced before was a welcomed cushion. No longer did I have to be the limited person my family in Kentucky assumed I was. In a strange sense the devastation from this horrendous loss freed me at last. I was born again.

Our current pandemic is humanity’s incubator. Because everything we’ve relied upon for security is collapsing, life is teeming with potential long marginalized due to the belief in monetary security. Forced isolation is bringing to light our natural human inclination to seek the comfort of one another. Because every one of us around the globe is facing the same problems that COVID-19 is fomenting, people have begun reaching out to one another in ways never seen before. Sad to say it took a pandemic of this magnitude to produce such a positive effect.

Life has been on auto-play for too long. No longer. This pandemic is forcing everyone to pause and rebuild their lives. The hamster wheels of daily life that fears of financial loss have been energizing are no longer sustainable. Yes, economic fear still hovers and understandably so; the impact of the virus has only just begun. But without the obstacle of familiar activities obstructing creative thought, unprecedented opportunities are becoming possible. Currently there exists the potential to release the caustic beliefs that have been widening the financial gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” — the letting go of monetary insecurities that encourage such things as the denudation of primeval forests so necessary to the health of our planet.

Thanks to this plague the flawed nature of our current concept of security is being exposed as a falsehood. Our true security lies in one another, the sharing of resources that a worldwide community makes possible when we come together in unity and care for one another as people around the globe are now doing.


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