Do the right thing


From: Patrick Byron



Unless you have been living under rock, in a cave or just not in the mood to conform, the pandemic is still with us.

As the weeks and months go by it seems people are grossly missing one attribute: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

•  Respect for one’s own health

•  Respect for the health of others

•  Respect for overworked health care workers

•  Respect for parents who want their children back in school

•  Respect for community businesses who want to reopen


It’s not “rocket science” what needs to be done.

WEAR your mask, WASH your hands and maintain distance.

Disregard the inept, self-centered and erratic messages and DO the RIGHT THING!!

If wearing a mask is not your “thing”… how does a stint in an ICU and/or hooked up to a ventilator work for you?


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