Winona Health Volunteers’ free telecare service eases isolation


Winona Health Volunteers encourage those who live alone and may be feeling isolated to consider signing up for the free telecare service. Telecare provides a friendly check in by phone — every day. Telecare is free to people of all ages who are disabled, elderly or live alone no matter where they receive healthcare services.

Every day, including weekends and holidays, telecare volunteers call telecare clients between 8 and 10 a.m. The phone call is a way for individuals who live alone to stay connected and hear a friendly voice on a daily basis and know that someone will notify with their designated loved one if they are unable to get to the phone. If a client cannot be reached on a scheduled day, the telecare volunteer contacts the friend or relative the client has chosen as their contact person.

If a telecare client is always with family on Sundays, they may ask not to be contacted on Sundays, or if they know they will not be home for any reason, they simply let the telecare volunteer know, and they will be taken off the call list for those dates.

“We are so grateful to our team of volunteers who ensure that every telecare client gets a daily call to ensure they’re OK and see how they’re doing,” said Kris Walters, volunteer manager. “Especially these days, this phone call provides a little peace of mind to individuals who live alone and to their families.”

Winona Health Volunteers has provided this service for more than 45 years (since 1973), and, like Winona Health, the Winona Health Volunteers traces its history back to 1894.

For more information or to sign up to receive this free telecare service, please call the Winona Health volunteer office at 507.457.4342.


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