Thanks to Santa Claus?


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Well, it is soon that time of year to focus our attention on the Jolly Old Elf. It's time to show Mr. Roly Poly our thankfulness for all that he has done for us throughout this year. Our potbellied, nonexistent friend has known our every need?...has always been available?...has always been concerned and capable of meeting our needs and lifting our burdens? This is true about our porky Mr. Ho Ho? Can a mockingbird yodel?

What if it were no longer permissible to speak about Santa Claus? Would this forbiddance anger us? Would it put a sickening feeling in our stomachs? Would this unthinkable illegality be traumatizing to us? Would we ask, "What has Santa Claus done wrong?!" This kind of thinking would be unbelievable and totally senseless. Regrettably, this hasn't happened to Santa Claus, but it has happened to Jesus Christ.

How our love for an imaginary Santa Claus must grieve our Lord and Savior. We could not have done a more foolish or more vile thing. It's far beyond stupidity. We seem to be drumming up more and more praise for an insubstantial, provider-of-nothing Santa Claus, rather than praising our all-sufficient Savior!

Santa Claus gives us nothing...naught...zilch. Everyone knows this is true, but we still focus our attention upon this roly poly, fictitious, worthless character of our imagination. This ho-ho-ing nonentity deserves our love and thankfulness? Can just a thought from our imagination meet all of our needs?

How has this abomination to our Savior come upon our nation? It is the fault of a few Christ-phobic individuals. Just a few people hate Jesus Christ. The real reason for the season - Jesus Christ - would be bad for America. Of course, giving Santa Claus our attention, love and praise will be beneficial for America.

Will we foolishly and vilely continue to raise our banners in honor of Santa Claus? After all, has Santa Claus done anything for us - ever? It is high time we recognize our heavenly benefactor who has met our needs throughout this year - God! we must discontinue the lunacy of worshiping Santa Claus.

It is wholly foolish and wholly lunatical for us to give our thanks to Santa Claus.

P.S. If someone helps in meeting a need, do we make an about-face and thank the air?


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