Petty attacks


From: Dick Smith

In regard to Bruce Darrs letter: PICKY, PICKY, PICKY! Boy you guys sure have a hard time reconciling the fact that you lost the election. Your top 10 is stooping to a new low with your criticism of a man who is not even in power yet. You seem to forget, or conveniently ignore the fact that the last eight years were controlled by a man with the lowest approval rating in this nation’s history and without a doubt, the stupidest person ever to hold that office. Give the new guy a chance to pull the country out of the massive hole your man has dug for him before you pick him apart with your petty attacks. Watch the Late Show with David Letterman in which he nightly features a segment called “Great moments in presidential speeches,” if you really want to see a dummy in action. This shows “Dubya” in some of his more shining moments. He could very well be the inspiration for a new series called ”Are you smarter than a Kindergartner?” Barak Obama has a long, hard pull ahead of him, but when you are at rock bottom, the only way is up.


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