Vike 14 – Falcons 9


From: Bernie Mayzek

What a game, what a show,
Minnesota Vikings, way to go!
Eight straight wins we had in a row;
A 10-2 record, “ho ho ho!”

Keenum played so good, but got sacked twice.
Otherwise everything turned out nice.
No turnovers for the Vikes, that was great.
Our record shows it’s time to celebrate!

McKinnon and Rudy, touchdowns they had,
The Falcons team started looking bad.
All field goals they had, there were three,
And we came away with our 10th victory!

Our defense played SUPER; they were good.
Our offense played great; they did what they could.
Can’t name anyone special ‘cause they all were great.
We play the Panthers next week; I can’t wait!


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