So little Donny wants a parade


From: Dave Fratzke

Here’s how I see it.

Trump or as we call him “Mr. ***” wants to have a parade. It starts as all parades do, with a police car, sirens blaring, lights on. Oh dear, look who’s driving, it’s “Sheriff Joe Arpaio” from Arizona, convicted of crimes against humanity, but “pardoned” by Trump. This guy should hang from the tallest tree Arizona has to offer!

Next we have the flag bearers, three flags: one from the KKK, one Confederate and a third Nazi. The people carrying the flags are chanting “we hate Jews” just as they did in Charlottesville.

Here comes the star of the parade, Trump. He is riding an adult size Big Wheel. He is wearing a red satin cape, no shirt, superman “tighty whites” and a pair of red high-top tennis shoes.

Now comes the queen of the parade — since his wife hates him, she did not come, she is in Florida being massaged by the pool boy.

Instead Trump has his porno girlfriend “Stormy Daniels” and look who is driving the convertible, the Trump friend “child molester Ray Moore!”

Oh boy, here comes the horses! They are not walking. Instead they are on a flatbed truck, tethered to a line in the middle so all their butts face the crowd. So the title of this truckload of horses’ butts is called the Republican Congress!

Last but not least, all the Trump supporters, all four of them, with a stray dog walking in a circle. Two of the toothless people have NRA shirts on and the other two have Trump shirts, but they are wearing them backward.

So this is dimpled darling Donny’s parade.

What the heck are you Trump supporters thinking? What did you do?

This leads me to quote two of the most famous lines Jesus said when he was on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” and “Peter, do you know I can see your house from up here?”

Have a nice day!


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