Our two cents


From: Ruth and Jerry Dalleska

Some of our opinions:

• The sign noting “WINONA – two miles” as you come off Wisconsin Highway 35 toward the city of Winona is incorrect. We measured two miles and ended up in the midst of Winona State University (WSU). If that is where the city limits begin, the area north of WSU is not included in the city limits. Could that please be corrected?

• Is there any possibility of putting a round-about at the intersection of Sarnia Street and Mankato Avenue? It would make the traffic run more smoothly and end the backups in the turn lane.

• Why are we letting President Trump threaten us taxpayers? If the wall doesn’t get funded he will shut down some of Congress — sounds like a spoiled kid. First of all, he promised he would make Mexico pay for it. They weren’t interested in that, were they? If he wants HIS wall, let him pay for it.

Thanks for letting us put in our two cents worth – even though pennies aren’t worth very much!


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