Matter of Faith: Our eternal residency — where?


From: David Foss

How should we live while on this earth? Should we live just as we want to live? Just as Satan wants us to live? Just as God wants us to live? No debate will ever be necessary as to whom we should choose. We need to live out our lives on Earth as God would want us to live.

If we had access to three instruction manuals on how we should change our lives, which manual should we choose — our own, Satan’s, or God’s? Once again, there will never be any need for a debate; after all, which “manual” can guide us through life in a proper way, assure us of earthly and eternal joy? It is quite evident that we should choose to read AND do what God has written in His “manual.”

If we go our way, or Satan’s, where will our residency be for eternity? If we go God’s way, where will it be? Only one path will assure us of a place where we will experience joy forevermore. Our way and Satan’s way will only assure us a place of eternal suffering.

We only have two choices in life: We can choose to have eternal joy in Heaven or eternal anguish in Hell. Where will our eternal residency be?

Ponder II Peter 3:9.


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