Letters: It is time to eliminate the gas tax


From: Paul B. Double


It is time to eliminate the gas tax, remembering that it was created to build, improve and maintain our streets and highways for vehicle use. Streets and highways serve us well to reduce the cost of groceries and goods, which all of us use in our daily lives. The problem with the gas tax is the fact that government has enabled and expanded the number of freeloaders escaping payment of their fair share of those costs; and it is getting worse. It is not just electric and propane vehicles not contributing but those riding bicycles who not only use the roadways but want dedicated lanes at no cost to them. Public transportation also wants a piece of the funds revenue, not to improve the streets, but to offset the operating losses in their public transit systems.

Over the horizon are those elected bodies who would propose to add a carbon tax, not to add to the revenue stream to fix, build and maintain streets and highways, but to divert more revenue away from them.

One solution worthy of consideration would be to eliminate the gas tax entirely and move to a tire tax based on the road usage/tire mileage each individual claims to travel. The tax for a 40,000-mile tire would be two thirds that of a 60,000-mile tire. Those who like to drag race would pay more because they would be replacing tires sooner and those with electric cars and bicycles would start to pay their fair share to plow snow, patch, paint and keep our streets and roads in top shape for emergency vehicles, delivery trucks and the rest of us who just use our vehicles daily to shop, for business, commute to work and when on vacation to visit friends and family.


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