Letters: Doerr’s fear-mongering rant


From: Margaret and Steve Schild

We’re writing to express our disgust with Don Doerr Sr.’s hate-filled February 3 letter. It’s indefensible to lump together all Muslims, Somalis, Hmong and Dreamers with “criminal illegals” and call them an infestation; that’s a term for vermin but never for human beings.

Contrast Doerr’s ugly language with the thoughtful, welcoming spirit in Debi Niebuhr’s letter just a couple column inches away. Niebuhr expresses pride and gratitude in the community’s outreach to some of the most vulnerable among us, referring to help offered to the homeless by the Winona Public Library, the Winona Fire Department, and Winona’s warming house. We’d much rather be part of that community than the one reflected in Doerr’s fear-mongering rant.


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