Winona County must protect drinking-water resources


From: Jim Riddle

Daley Farms, located in western Winona County, is requesting a variance from the county to increase the number of animal units at its concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) to 5,968 animal units. One animal unit equals one 1,000-pound cow.
According to Wikipedia, the average human globally weighs 137 pounds. That means that there are 7.3 humans per animal unit (1,000/137 = 7.3).

If Daley Farms’ proposed CAFO were to be filled with humans instead of cows, then 43,566 people would be concentrated in one facility. They would be totally confined, and never go outside.

The population of Winona County was 50,873 in 2010. Imagine almost all Winona County’s people being crowded into one concentrated apartment building. All of their excrement would be stored in nearby lagoons, and injected, untreated, on fields with shallow soils, fractured bedrock and direct conduits to groundwater.

Private and municipal wells in western Winona County are already contaminated with nitrates and pesticides, according to Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Department of Health reports.

Winona County needs to take action to protect drinking-water resources and human health by rejecting Daley Farms’ request for a variance.


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