Trump: clear and present danger


From: Nicholas Guy

How do you destroy U.S. democracy?

Elect a Russian asset into White House who takes orders from Putin. A Russian asset who is irrational and racist who:

• has kept at least 15,000 children in cages to protect the U.S. from brown people.
• is desperate to destroy the Affordable Care Act.
• has not funded infrastructure.
• has given huge tax cuts to the one percent. (Where are middle- and lower-income tax refunds? I am disabled and lost hundreds. Did you get a large Federal return? Nobody did and many owe the IRS.)
• is destroying Obama-era clean air, water and ground protections to promote corporate profits.
• promoted the rise of white supremacist, KKK and neo-Nazi groups.
• supports the NRA, once about gun safety, now all about selling guns to criminals without background checks.
• appoints far-right judges in circuit courts and SCOTUS just to protect him from impeachment.
• destroys our alliances with NATO to satisfy Putin.
• pulled out of Syria and Afghanistan to make Putin happy.
• implemented regime changes in Venezuela.
• allowed national parks to be open to mining.
• slanders Native American culture and history.
• allows Andrew Jackson’s portrait to be hung prominently in the Oval Office. Jackson ordered the genocide of Native Americans.
• considers Custer a National hero. Remember Little Big Horn? No honor there.
• gave a 70-pecent budget cut to first responders and survivors of 9/11 while bragging he has billions of dollars to spend and doesn’t know where to spend it. (Since 9/11 over 20,000 first responders and survivors face cancer. Congress cut 70 percent of funding for survivors.)
• has a very sick love affair with demons like Kim Jung Un and Putin. Trump loves authoritarian murderers.
• declared a national emergency for HIS wall and shut down the government for 35 days, re-opens it and two weeks later declares a national emergency. He then said, “I didn’t have to do it.” Where is the emergency then?
• most disturbing of all, hired Stephan Miller, a white supremacist who wants to house 7,500 immigrant children on a toxic landfill on military bases, as a White House adviser. (I will follow up on this in my next letter to the editor. It will be titled “Toxic Cages.”)


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