What the Post missed


From: Steve Schild
First-district Director
Winona Area Public Schools Board

I write to correct a significant error of omission in the Post’s March 10 story, “WAPS argues over lawsuit silence.”

As reported, I did confront fellow School Board member Karl Sonneman after the meeting. Not reported, though, was the reason I confronted him, which is this: he told me during the meeting that, “I have no respect for you.” His statement clearly violates the board’s code-of-ethics policy, which states that board members should “[m]ake no disparaging remarks, in or out of School Board meetings, about other members of the School Board or their opinions.”

Telling readers what Mr. Sonneman said to me would’ve been better journalism, as it would’ve given readers a fair and fuller account of what happened at and immediately after the meeting.

Editor’s note: While WAPS has not been adding its meeting videos online so we do not have a way to fact check this, we have confirmed from several sources that Mr. Sonneman made these comments. They add important context to the story of the argument that happened during the last board meeting, and we apologize for missing the quote. The information has been added to the online version of the article. We at the Post look forward to members of the WAPS Board addressing the recent tension among some board members and hope that a careful approach is taken in order for our elected officials to move ahead with dignity in their duty to lead Winona Area Public Schools. The Winona County Board recently consulted with the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services to learn more about ethics at the board table; this could be a valuable resource for WAPS to explore.


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