Illegal drug solution


From: Bob Redig

The answer to the illegal drug problem is simple (well, not really): legalize and de-monetize them. In other words, make them cheap or free. Bear me out here. Money is power and lubes corruption. Limiting access to desired products makes them valuable.

This was tried with alcohol and we all know what happened. So first, legalize all drugs; yes all of them. Tax those that are publicly accepted to provide free or cheap ones to those who insist on or are addicted to ones socially unacceptable at this time. This would most likely empty our prisons and save money. Use the money saved to treat those wishing to escape any addiction (including that to nicotine and alcohol, our two worst drugs) and other related health issues. Of course, any violent personal crimes would still require separation from the public. This is not the ideal, but maybe would lessen the collateral damage to families and properties.

This cuts off the money supply, with which the producers buy the officials, mules, guns, planes, boats, ladders, ships, and submarines to feed the U.S. addiction. So, I say, cut out the middleman and stop all the collateral damage.

Then, have non-stop public promotions to constantly educate, discourage and de-glamorize all recreational drugs — or at least teach how to use them safely. No public advertising. No use on jobs or affecting public safety. Use on any public byways results in immediate loss of the conveyance.

Under the age of adulthood (18 at present), they should, however, NOT be legal. This window of adolescence and childhood is where the education/discouragement/deglamorize attempts come into play the most. Keeping drugs criminalized at these ages will make for some black market activity, but that should be manageable. We cannot protect everyone from themselves and make all the high places low, but we can limit the collateral damage and make our country and source countries a heck of a lot safer for most people.


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