Thanks from Bay State Milling


From: Brian G. Rothwell
Vice chairman, head of business development
Bay State Milling

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to the mayor and the City Council members who, on Monday night, approved Bay State Milling’s request for a comprehensive plan amendment and zoning change; paving the way for our company to expand our operations in Winona. I thank them not only for their support that evening but for their thoughtful insights into our site plan, all greatly enhancing the aesthetics and improvements we will make to the area. They are tasked with representing the best interests of the citizens of Winona, and they served you well.

Thank you to the Planning Commission and city staff who helped us understand and navigate the complicated approval process. True professionals.

Thank you to the Historic Preservation Commission responsible for the difficult and delicate job of balancing the past with the future. They showed their dedication and I wish them success in preserving the buildings that hold Winona’s rich history within their walls.

Thank you to the community. The more than 700 people who signed our petition, the many amazing people who reached out to offer words of support, wrote letters to the editor and rallied support of neighbors, business leaders and the community as a whole. It’s people like you who help Winona thrive.

And to our employees who packed the room in their red T-shirts at city hall yet again this week. I was proud to stand by you, and can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support. Your energy, hard work and dedication to Bay State Milling is humbling. It’s people like you who make our company great.

I’ve always known Winona is a special place, and I’m excited about the opportunity to continue making our high quality and innovative new products where the Bay State Milling story started. This growth means stability and long-term success not only for us, but more importantly, for our employees and for Winona. We look forward to making history together for the next 120 years.


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