Thanks to Reitmaier


From: Paul Krage

I just felt the need to thank Roger Reitmaier, number one and most importantly for his service to this country, and secondly for speaking out against the insanity that is aimed mostly at the current sitting president. It is my belief that most of the hatred that is aimed at this country is based on people’s hatred for him and the people that stand behind him. Many of the policies that he is now blamed for were being practiced under President Obama. The reality check is that people want to come here regardless of what they might endure here. The Jews weren’t looking to flee the border except to get away from Hitler. Not to seek a better paycheck or health insurance. If the illegal immigrants were trying to evade persecution in this country the situation would end immediately. It would be very telling just to see how many of these citizens of the USA who are so concerned about the immigrant situation are actually donating time and money to the cause as European citizens and soldiers gave their lives trying to protect the Jewish people during WWII. Anyway, I truly am grateful to Mr. Reitmaier for putting up with the nonsense that this country is spewing out daily about this unfortunate situation and even though it’s not very popular to rail against the liberal machine, I for one am glad that he cares enough to respond.


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