Extended dial-a-ride service is needed


From: Diane Luetgeb Munson
On behalf of the Winona Catholic Worker community

In an article published by the Post on December 2, 2019 (https://www.winonapost.com/Archives/ArticleID/67154/Dial-a-ride-bus-service-extends-hours), it was publicly announced that Winona Transit would extend its dial-a-ride services to 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday beginning on January 2. The Winona Catholic Worker community was surprised and disappointed when this service was not available on the date announced. Follow-up phone calls with the city of Winona provided few answers, and we have been told it is uncertain when the extended dial-a-ride hours will begin. This service is particularly important for members of our community who struggle with homelessness and mobility issues and need transportation to the Warming Center, which does not open until 9 p.m. A number of people are in great need of these additional hours of public transportation because they attend the free evening meal we provide and do not have means to get home or to the Warming Center after the bus stops running. Members of the Winona community have spent many hours advocating for this important service which would greatly benefit those most in need in our city. Hopefully this issue can be quickly resolved and extended dial-a-ride can be made available during the coldest months when it is most needed.  


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