Sunday, March 24, 2002

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Big changes in upcoming House and Senate races

Redistricting hits area hard

A decision Tuesday by the Minnesota State Court system to reconfigure the state's congressional and legislative districts could lump incumbents together across the state to face off against each other in the next election.

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Lewiston-Altura cardinals 'on a mission' at state

The Lewiston-Altura Cardinals boys basketball team was "on a mission to win" as it headed to a state semifinals game Friday, said Athletic Director Dick Montgomery.

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Parents continue to challenge board on moving fifth grade

Thursday's school board meeting brought renewed challenges from parents demanding that the board justify its decision to relocate 5th graders from elementary schools to the Winona Middle School.

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Oh, those late-season vacation deals

As the March winds punished us with bitter cold, my yearly bout with cabin fever was turning to cabin delirium. Compounding my misery was the abundance of discounted last-minute travel deals arriving in my e-mail every day, and the lure of swaying palm trees and turquoise waters was more than I could bear. Finally, with a weekend off and a discounted package deal in hand, my best friend and I packed our bags and headed for the silky beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

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BABY: 5 year old, female blue tortoiseshell and white longhaired cat. It's the baby blue eyes that you will notice first, then the exquisite markings of color dispersed throughout Baby's wonderful coat. She is apprehensive of change and hasn't had much contact with other animals, however once you gain her trust, she is very mellow, sunning herself or cuddling up in your arms to sleep.

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The story is building! See the fireplace...

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There may never be a bird feeder that is squirrel proof. We just hope this indefatigable squirrel didn't eat too much and then have trouble squeezing back out! (Photo by Cynthya Porter)

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