Wednesday, March 27, 2002

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Courthouse insurance still not settled

"The ball is in their court," said County Administrator Bob Reinert after a meeting Thursday with the county's insurance adjuster.

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International Day at Jefferson shows 'how much there is to share'

For a day, the halls and classrooms of Jefferson Elementary looked more like an international bazaar than an elementary school in the Midwest. Dozens of people, adorned in the garb of no fewer than 32 countries, filled the air with the sounds of music, laughter and language from across the globe, and the children learned things textbooks cannot teach.

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Bad news or just expected change?

Businesses leaving downtown have people talking

Closings announced by two Third Street businesses in the last ten days have some retailers concerned about how it will affect the vitality of downtown Winona.

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Cancun Vacation

(Part 2)

Water lovers would be remiss if they left Cancun without a look at its magnificent coral reefs. Although water sports companies are plentiful in Cancun, tourists are cautioned in selecting their services. Sports and aquatic equipment may not meet U.S. safety standards or be covered by accident insurance, particularly at smaller outfits.

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