Sunday, April 14, 2002

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Winona waits for Pelzer Street overpass funds

If a state bonding bill for freight improvements is approved, Winona could be granted up to $1.3 million to help fund a long-awaited railroad overpass at Pelzer Street.

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River news is mostly good

Area river experts say plans are underway to improve the Mississippi River's safety, protect wildlife and rehabilitate plant life and ecosystems.

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Cotter Auction is a Winona institution

Need your yard raked? Perhaps a new golf shirt or some fresh baked delicacies? Itching for a vacation in Las Vegas? Well, you're in luck. The Cotter Auction is again preparing to swing its doors wide for the hundreds of people who descend on St. T's every April in search of a good bargain and a great time.

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County program fights depression, suicide in teens

Teenagers have been perennially regarded as moody, it is a bastion of youth. For eons, adults have dismissed this as an influx of hormones and disjointed growth into new roles and responsibilities, many recalling their own days of exasperated adolescence. Many adults believe teens who feel overwhelmed and misunderstood just grow out of it, like a right of passage. The CFL survey, however, coupled with startling national research, may reveal that things are not quite that simple for today's youth.

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Winona family picking up pieces after drunk driver hits their house

The effects of drunk driving really hit home for one Winona family last Saturday, quite literally.

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On Wednesday morning, St. Martin's Lutheran School Principal, Igor Skrastins, paid off on his challenge to students at the school. Earlier in the year, Mr. Skrastins, promised that he would give every student who sold seven magazine subscriptions in the annual fundraiser for the school the opportunity to douse him with water. On Wednesday 33 students and one teacher stood in line with the rest of the school watching as they each had two chances to hit a target with a ball that realeased 3 gallons of water on Mr. Skrastins as he sat under the tank. The picture shows just one of the times Mr. Skrastins was showered with water.

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