Wednesday, April 24, 2002

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'How much is this worth?'

Antique appraisal fair this weekend

Tear into the attic, the closets and grandma's old trunk, because a team of professional appraisers is coming to town, and they'd like to see your stuff.

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Country road could be saved by township

A discussion Monday between officials from Winona County, Wilson Township and a property owner could lead to an agreement allowing the township to reconstruct County Road 105 in East Burns Valley.

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'Asking questions...getting no answers'

How costly is 5th grade move

How much money will leave area elementary schools with the fifth graders? This question, posed to the school board last week by Dave Hawthorne, is the latest in a series of unanswered inquiries by area citizens concerned over the relocation of fifth graders to the Winona Middle School.

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Francis Losinski honored by Polish Heritage group

Francis Losinski believes that miracles do happen.

The 83-year-old decorated World War II hero and successful retired Winona businessman seems to have lived a charmed life, despite experiencing the tragedies of war.


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