Sunday, April 28, 2002

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City Crime down, but police say alcohol, drugs still a problem

A 2001 year-end report of crime statistics released Friday by the Winona Police Department reports a 33 percent reduction in overall crime, but Police Chief Frank Pomeroy, who promised to continue to work "to get a handle on the binge drinking and drug problems," maintains that drugs and alcohol are at the root of other crimes.

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WSU art student to hold benefit for WMS student

The Winona community will have an opportunity next Thursday to view some impressive art, listen to some great music and support a boy and his family as they continue to maneuver a difficult time in their lives.

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County turns down help for St. Charles facility

Assisted living facility needed in that part of county, proponents say

The Winona County Board rejected a request Tuesday by the City of St. Charles to provide a cooperative tax abatement to build a 20-unit assisted living facility.

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Mock crash actors hope to deter real one

Sirens wailed, lights flashed and smoke billowed. The dead and dying lay strewn about two mangled cars, and hysterical survivors pleaded desperately for someone, anyone, to help their friends.

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 Nature - it's a Work of Art

Trempealeau Elementary students celebrated Environmental Awareness Day Friday with elaborate displays and 21 different speakers and performers. According to art teacher Pam Shaw, having such a strong environmental focus makes each student a better global citizen. "Any kid in this school wouldn't have any trouble talking about the environment and ways to preserve it," Shaw said. Mike and Joe Klafke demonstrated taxidermy. (Photos by Cynthya Porter)

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