Wednesday, May 8, 2002

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To tuck point of not-that is the question

Million dollar exterior Courthouse project criticized

To tuck point or not to tuck point the county courthouse, that was the question disputed by the Winona County Board Tuesday.

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Late bus may have fall trial

Could be funded by college student fees.

Starting this fall, Winona college students may get a free ride downtown and back to campus, possibly for a small student fee added to their tuition.

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WSHS institutes Hall of Fame in memory of Michael Foz

Paul Giel to be first inductee

On May 19, two former Winona Senior High School athletes, one who went on to play professional baseball and one who died before he could graduate, will be recognized in a new Hall of Fame.

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Night Train football is here

From the time I learned about the Night Train football team in La Crosse, I was enamored with the idea of being part of the glamour of professional football. Hulking men smashing helmets together, beautiful cheerleaders with sassy dance routines, and adoring fans cheering their hearts out; after watching one game, I itched to be a part of it. But where on earth, I wondered, would I fit in to an organization like this? A few phone calls later, I was on the road to finding my niche in the exciting world of indoor football.

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Crews install concrete medians at the Franklin Street railroad crossing to allow Winona to remain whistle-free.
(Photo by Cynthya Porter)

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