Sunday, May 12, 2002

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All County seats up for grabs

A growth in county population of 2,157 people in the last decade has precipitated the reconfiguration of its five districts, forcing all five Winona County commissioners to run for reelection.

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Port to dredge harbor

The Winona Port Authority is seeking qualified firms to dredge the commercial harbor, a project that will eventually provide a second staging area for barges and supply fill for a future Pelzer Street overpass.

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Judges will rule on Dist 861 referendum

Although they have 90 days to issue a ruling, three appellate court justices didn't mince many words in the case of Don Evanson versus District 861.

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'Pete" Paterson one of state's oldest ham operators

Proudly displaying a radio he made in high school in 1922 and the rare "QSL" cards that prove he contacted remote signals in nearly 200 foreign countries, Marvin "Pete" Peterson, 96, one of the oldest living ham radio operators in the state of Minnesota, still gets a glimmer in his eye when he speaks of his lifelong hobby.

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Crews install concrete medians at the Franklin Street railroad crossing to allow Winona to remain whistle-free.
(Photo by Cynthya Porter)

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