Wednesday, May 15, 2002

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Court House may not be done until December

With a Dec. 31 deadline for evacuating the former middle school building looming overhead, the Winona County Board learned Tuesday the remodeled courthouse will not be ready for occupancy until early- or mid-December.

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Day-care dads -- more common now

"No, you're not a dummy, sweetie," Art Niemi interrupted the interview to say. "Hey, don't call names, buddy," he said to another. For a man with a room full of active children, a telephone conversation is a luxury, and as the interview wore on, Niemi continued to deftly resolve squabbles, wipe noses and dispense guidance to his young charges. And while it may sound like an ordinary day for a father with youngsters, Niemi is no ordinary father.

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Courthouse tuck pointed okayed

Offering a flat fee, masonry expertise in historic buildings and a shorter project schedule, architects Kane and Johnson, Rochester, were selected Tuesday by the Winona County Board to design plans and specifications for a $1 million-plus tuck pointing of the courthouse exterior.

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Central first-grade teacher Judy Whetstone to retire

"One, two, sit up, please do. Three, four, feet on the floor..."
Chances are, if you went to 1st grade at Central Elementary during the past 27 years, you know this song. It was a hallmark of Judy Whetstone, who will end her teaching career in June after more than a quarter of a century in a single classroom.

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Crews install concrete medians at the Franklin Street railroad crossing to allow Winona to remain whistle-free.
(Photo by Cynthya Porter)

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