Sunday, May 19, 2002

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Dist 861 reveals IRS penalties of $91, 494

After two requests by the Winona Post for the information, District 861 Fiscal Affairs Director Jeff Seeley confirmed publicly for the first time that the school district is facing IRS fines amounting to tens of thousands of dollars due to apparent district mismanagement of federal payroll tax payments.

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Fed X terminal Zoning tabled

A zone change requested by Peterbilt of Winona to construct a Federal Express truck terminal adjacent to its facility on I-90 was tabled Thursday by the Winona County Planning Commission so that residents' concerns about increased traffic may be addressed.

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School board wants to prohibit 5th grade move from further votes

Board member Sharon Erickson Rope's attempt to revisit the relocation of 5th graders to the Winona Middle School was shut down by Board Chair Larry Labor Thursday, following more complaints from parents and staff regarding the soundness of the move.

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Crews install concrete medians at the Franklin Street railroad crossing to allow Winona to remain whistle-free.
(Photo by Cynthya Porter)

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