Sunday, June 9, 2002

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U of M extension service to undergo restructure; county 4-H coordintor to be hired

Changes in the way the University of Minnesota Extension Service is structured to serve counties will go into effect July 1, but will not affect the Winona County Fair or employment of its three extension educators. The service is also requesting the county to hire a new 4-H coordinator.

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Dist. 861: Fifth grade move will facilitate school closings

After an hour-long presentation by Superintendent Eric Bartleson at Thursday's meeting, the majority of the Winona School Board expressed support for continuing to relocate 5th graders to the Winona Middle School.
During his presentation, Bartleson reviewed the time-line for the 5th grade decision, which originated with the Administrative 5-year Plan for Fiscal Viability presented to the board last April.

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Wenonah legend to be staged

There is hunger, and then there is hunger. One compels us to feed our belly, the other, more elusive, demands that we feed our heart. Such is the story of Princess Wenonah, the legend born of local lore that has fixed our gaze on a story of unrequited love and its tragic consequences.

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