Wednesday, June 16, 2002

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Goodview School parents form research group

Exploring alternatives to moving fifth graders: asking for help from other district parents

Goodview elementary parents have formed a research committee to investigate educational alternatives for students at Goodview Elementary School.

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State wants to attract tourists to blufflands

Wants help from winonans to develope ways to market riverfront

Although it is hidden from view along Wisconsin's Highway 35, the tiny hamlet of Trempealeau cannot keep itself a secret. Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the quaint community in search of the world-class food, postcard beauty and small-town charm that have kept Trempealeau on the map for more than 150 years.

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City Council says no to developement in Knopp Valley, near St. Mary's

A plan by Collegeville Development Group to build 36 homes near St. Mary's University on Highway 14 was voted down by the Winona City Council Monday night when traffic concerns took center stage.

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