Wednesday, May 1, 2002


Stop in and meet our animals and check out our new location at 114 E. 2nd St. (next to Kupietz Feed) . For more information or questions please call (507) 452-3135 or email us Adoption days are held the first Saturday of every month. Thank you!


Bouncer ­ This white with brown 3-year-old border collie/husky mix has blue eyes. He knows every trick in the book from shake to speak and appears to be house trained. Friendly, fluffy and outgoing, he hates being alone and loves to sit in laps and be patted.
Homer - This 1-year-old male boxer/Doberman mix is the one for you if you want a large, inside dog.  He is excellent with kids and other animals, loves car rides and is calm. Nicknamed a "mushpuppy," he loves to run and play.
Melbourne ­ This is a male Austrian Shepard who is fresh from the beauty parlor, well groomed and well behaved. He's brown and white and would love to be your best friend.
Missy - This 9-month-old female mixed breed loves to investigate, so she needs to be in a fenced-in yard. Petite, demure and shy, she is a black shorthaired pup (perhaps a beagle/black Lab mix) with white paws and a humble personality. Eager to please and placidly serene, she loves children.
Molly ­ This female purebred sheltie gave birth to three puppies on June 15. She will be a busy mommy and cannot go to her new home for a little while.
Sidney ­ This Austrian Shepard is Melbourne's brother. Their owner had to move; he tried so hard to take them with him, but things just didn't work out. Sidney is gorgeous shade of brown and would love to shake paws with you.
TJ - This 3-year-old akita is very friendly and needs a person with a high energy level to keep up with him. His middle name is "go" and he'll follow you anywhere. He especially likes to chase squirrels and rabbits. He needs to be the only dog in your home.


Alfie ­ This short-haired male gray and white cat with golden eyes needs the "purr" fect home. He loves to perch high above and monitor life below.
April ­ This female shorthaired gray people-loving cat is looking for a cat-loving home. She's not shy about showing her affections. She's now a surrogate mother to 4 baby kittens. She's helping to raise Rex, Hessa, Gumma and Gracie.
Chilli ­ This long-haired 8-month-old calico cat would make a colorful addition to any home. She is a little leery of other cats but loves to put her face up next to yours to make sure she's got your utmost attention.
Gracie ­ A mellow calico kitten, Gracie is soft, sweet and cuddly. What more could a person ask for? She is about 6 weeks old and a sister to Gumma and Hessa.
Gumma ­ A female tortie calico kitten, Gumma is very tiny and 5 weeks old. She has more love in her than she can contain. Her blue eyes like little pools of serenity. She put the "purr" in purrfection.
Hessa ­ A sister to Gracie, Gumma and Miles, all these 6-week-old kittens have the same loving and giving disposition. This gray, white and orange calico kitten will bring a streak of sunshine into your life.

June ­ This 8-month-old gray and white longhaired female has beautiful blue eyes and loves to give nose kisses and have her chin scratched. She is very friendly and wants all your affections.
Lava ­ This black male kitten is flowing and oozing cuteness. He's a 5-week-old dark little bundle who explodes with personality, loves to play and gets along well with other cats. He's bound to make your life a warm and happy one.
Lenox - This 10-month-old female black shorthaired cat may still be petite, but she can hold her own with her foster brothers and sisters and would love to have a home and family to call her own.
Malcomb ­ This 1-year-old male black shorthaired cat is a handsome guy, with his shiny black coat, white chest and beautiful golden eyes. He makes a striking lady's man.
Maude - This is an 8-month-old, female brown/gray tiger-striped, shorthaired cat. This sweet little kitty is affectionate and friendly and a little on the shy side. She will love to cuddle up with you and be your special pet.
Misty ­ This female cat is gray with tiny flecks of orange, white and dark gray. She warms up in a hurry, loves attention and loves to purr. She adores being held and is a true lap cat.
Monty - This 6-month-old male black and brown tiger-striped shorthaired cat is small for his age but don't let that fool you; he's a tiger in disguise. He loves everything and everyone he sees and is ready to pounce on a good home. Give him any kind of toy and he becomes an expert hockey player. He's nicknamed little Munchkin.
Murphy - This 3-year-old male is nicknamed "Big Murphy." He's a big kitty with a big heart. He is laid back and does not seem to get overly exited about anything. He's friendly and gets along with other cats.
Nash - This 1-year-old male, black, shorthaired cat has a shiny black coat. He would love to snuggle up on your lap anytime if given the chance.
Nikki ­ This black and white shorthaired cat is 8 months old. She'll quickly wrap her paws around your heart.
Oscar ­ This 10-month-old orange and white male cat is new to WAHS and is adjusting to the change and LOTS of other cats. He'd love for you to single him out as the special cat you're looking for.
Pepper ­ This black cat will bring you good luck, not bad. This 9-year-old male's previous owners thought he would be cooler if his long hair were shaved. They should have taken shaving lessons, as now Pepper's having a bad hair day. But he also has a kind heart and easy-going personality.
Pooh ­ This gorgeous tiger-striped short-haired cat was surrendered and needs a home. This Pooh needs a friend to make him feel safe again. He's a honey of a bear. He is calm and loving and is a big guy, but that just means there's more of him to love.
Pretzel ­ This 6- to 8-month-old long hair calico female is looking for a new lap to call home. She is getting along fine with cats if they let her have some space to herself now and then. There are just so many cats at WAHS. She's a friendly cat looking for someone with lots of love.
Quincy - This light orange male tabby has lived outside most of his life. He's very patient and mild mannered. Take a look at him. Who could refuse a face like that?
Raisin - This 1-year-old, female gray/black shorthaired cat has the sweetest disposition and loves attention. She taught all her kittens how to eat, use the litter box and be good; they've gone to adoptive homes, so now she is ready to find a home also.
Ramona ­ This longhaired black cat is a 3-year-old sweet fluffy girl. She looks as though she belongs atop a silky pillow and should be served in a crystal bowl.
Rex ­ Cute and cuddly 5-week-old male tiger-striped kitten searching for lifelong mate. Hobbies are playing, snuggling on shoulders and taking catnaps. His motto for happiness is play, play more and sleep.
Stormie ­ This orange and white 1-year-old longhaired male cat will chase away your blues. Placid and mellow, he'd love to make your acquaintance and will be a good lap warmer. He gives nose kisses and has a loud purring motor. He wants to be by your side always.
Tara - This 8-month-old, female, black shorthaired tabby cat had kittens May 1 and is a busy mommy. She's shy and scared but will warm up to a special family who will take care of her. She needs a family with lots of patience to earn her trust. Her kittens are Slate, Bliss and Gail who are all gray with spots of white on them. These kittens, which have cute written all over them, are available to take home to love as well.
Whiskey - This 2-year-old male dark orange tabby with a white chest is a handsome guy who gets along with all kinds of animals and people. He slowly rambles through the office as if to say, "No big hurry."
Wilson ­ This male 8-month-old cat has clever markings, a white face, framed by gray stripes and a perfect triangle nose. He's the picture of purrfection. He has short hair, is very affectionate and gets along with other cats. He's a mild mannered gentleman. He came to WAHS with an injured back leg that he may have caught in a trap. He's recovering very well.

If you are interested in adopting any of these animals, call (507) 452-3135, or e-mail us at to inquire further or begin the adoption process. Also, visit our Web site at A cat and dog adoption day is held the first Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon, and a cat-only adoption day is 6 to 8 p.m. the third Thursday of each month at the office.

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